Erfrischend und leicht - Die Salatgurke


April 1st, 2022 – (Source © – Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables in Switzerland. The season starts in April and lasts until October.

Salatgurken gehören zu den beliebtesten Gemüsen der Schweiz. Die Saison beginnt im April und dauert bis Oktober.

Cucumber is the 5th most popular vegetable.

Cucumbers are one of the most consumed vegetables. The per capita consumption is a good 4 kilos per year. A good 14,000 tons were harvested in Switzerland in 2020. Locally produced cucumbers can be bought from April to October. Almost the entire cultivation of cucumbers takes place in greenhouses.

All-rounder in the kitchen

Cucumbers can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Cut into thin slices, they make a light and wholesome salad. They can also be boiled, stewed, pickled in vinegar or made into juice. And what is less well known: Cucumbers also taste excellent as a dessert - for example in the form of a cake or sorbet.

Cucumbers are 96 percent water and contain just 13 calories per 100 grams, making them one of the lowest-calorie vegetables.

Like squashes, cucumbers are a fruit vegetable. Because the valuable ingredients - such as potassium, phosphorus or magnesium - are mainly found in the skin of the cucumbers, they should not be peeled. Extensive washing is enough.

From white to yellow-orange

Not all cucumbers are the same: the around 40 different varieties differ considerably in terms of color and shape. The spectrum ranges from white to yellowish-orange, from elongated to round cucumbers. The vegetable, which originated in India, is a highly consuming plant that needs well-fertilised, humus-rich soil as well as sufficient water and warm temperatures to thrive.

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