Secateurs & Pruning Shears

Which secateurs and pruning shears do gardeners use?

The classic pruning shears and rosettes:

The secateurs, or ratchet shears - is an essential part of the garden. Basically, every time you look at a plant you will find wilted or dead parts that need to be removed. With secateurs, there is no problem cutting a variety of branches and twigs and thanks to the large "cutting action", a ratchet shears also thicker branches and twigs up to 24mm.

The pruning shears:

Pruning shears improve the cutting performance of normal pruning shears and are used where ordinary pruning shears fail. It is operated with two hands, which creates an enormous leverage effect. This allows for a cleaner cut of the wood while avoiding plant wounds. If when cutting you find that branches are being crushed instead of being cut, it is time to change the blade, sharpen it or order a larger model from agroswiss.

In the agroswiss online shop we offer you professional pruning shears, which are also used by your gardener. You will also find a selection of ratchet shears and the right pruner for your garden needs.

Garden shears or pruning shears is a tool used for cutting plants and branches. There are different types of secateurs and pruning shears that are suitable for different purposes.

Garden shears are usually smaller and lighter than pruning shears and are great for cutting flowers, thin branches and stems. Garden shears usually have sharp, curved blades and handles made of plastic or wood.

Pruning shears, on the other hand, are larger and heavier and have longer blades. They are used to cut thicker branches or twigs. Pruning shears come in a variety of styles, including loppers, anvil shears and bypass shears.

When buying pruning shears or pruning shears, you should pay attention to the quality of the blade. A sharp blade allows for clean cutting and minimizes injury to the plant. The handle is also important to ensure comfortable handling of the tool.

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