Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineering includes various machines and devices,

used in tillage, sowing, care, fertilization, plant protection and harvesting of agricultural crops. An important aspect of agricultural engineering is tillage, which ensures that the soil is loosened and prepared to support the growth of plants.

Sowing is carried out through the use of various machines such as seed drills or seeders. These machines are able to place seeds in the soil in an even pattern for effective and even sowing.

Maintaining agricultural crops involves regular activities such as mowing grass and pruning shrubs or trees. Various devices such as mowers, clippers and hedge trimmers are used for this purpose.

Fertilizing is an important aspect of farming to promote the growth of plants. There are different types of fertilizers that can be used such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizers are often applied to fields using fertilizer spreaders.

Crop protection is another important aspect of farming to protect crops from diseases, pests and other damage. There are various measures for this, such as the use of pesticides or biological protective measures.

Tractors are indispensable machines in agriculture that can be used for many tasks. They are often used to till soil, fertilize and irrigate crops, as well as in harvesting and transporting agricultural products. Modern tractors are often equipped with advanced technologies such as GPS to improve efficiency and accuracy at work.