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Together with producers, processors, organic retailers and consumers, we create a powerful market and promote the production of diverse, sustainable food.

Agroswiss supplies agro & organic products from the field to the plate

  • The latest products from the farm shop category
The latest products from the farm shop category
With www. AgroSwiss.ch, as the umbrella organization of SwissBauer.ch, SwissAgriculture.ch and SwissAricoltore.ch, aims to promote and strengthen networking with customers in the region and with farmers.

Agricultural products directly from the producer

We, at NNG-Marktplatz, operate an internet portal under the internet domains: www.agroswiss.ch, www.swisbauer.ch, www.swissagriculteur.ch and www.swissagricoltore.ch , on which third-party sales outlets (direct agricultural marketing & wholesale) advertise and offer .

At the beginning of 2021, the URLs www.swissbaur.ch, swissagricoltore.ch , swissagriculteur.ch and agroswiss.ch joined forces with NNG-Marktplatz to start a joint market project under the motto "together instead of alone". NNG Marketplace focuses on different regions of Switzerland to offer fresh local produce to farmers, farm shops, bakers, cheese makers, butchers, wine merchants and other local food businesses. Because where agriculture and the processing industry flourish, a region stays alive.

A website that sells products online. Allows users to place an order, choose a payment method, and submit the order over the Internet. After the user has selected the desired goods or services, he usually has the opportunity to immediately select a payment and delivery method on the website.

The main difference between an internet business and a traditional business lies in the type of trading platform. While a traditional store requires a sales hall, shop windows, price tags, as well as salespeople, cashiers and experienced consultants, the entire infrastructure is implemented programmatically in an online store.

Shop seasonally and regionally in the farm shop . Find dairy products, meat, fish, bread, cereals, pasta, drinks, fruit and fresh vegetables and berries straight from the field in your area.

Your online market for your transparent weekly shopping directly from the producer. Fresher and more sustainable than in the supermarket. Straight from the producer to your home.

Now is the moment to present your products on NNG Marketplace. We are looking for you ! Do you offer self-produced and fresh food in your own farm shop, or do you have other regional offers (such as rental of holiday apartments or guided tours)? Then apply for a seller account now and offer your products as a regional supplier on AgroSwiss.

NNG marketplace is transparent. Fair. Consistent. And has plenty of space for almost all farm shops!

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