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Healthy nutrition, fresh and old varieties from your region and your farm store. Together with producers, processors, organic retailers and consumers, we shape a high-performance market and promote the production of diverse, sustainable food.

Index on agriculture and regional food production

  • Farm store: A farm store is a point of sale on a farm or agricultural operation where sales are made directly to customers. Here you can often buy fresh and regional products and talk directly with producers.
  • Regional products: Regional products come from a specific geographic region and are usually produced by local growers. They can be fresher and more seasonal than imported products and often support the local economy.
  • Farm direct marketing: direct marketing means that products are sold directly from producers to consumers without intermediaries. This can be done through a farm store, farmer's market, or other retail outlets, giving producers more control and income.
  • Organic food: Organic food is produced according to certain standards that limit the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and focus on sustainability and animal welfare. They can be more expensive than conventional products, but also offer higher quality and environmental sustainability.
  • Agriculture: farming is the practice of growing crops and raising animals to produce food, fiber, and other products. It can be conventional or sustainable practices and has a large impact on the environment and society.
  • seasonally fresh: Seasonal foods are those harvested or produced at a specific time of year and are often fresher and tastier than those imported or stored out of season. Seasonal foods can also be more sustainable and help promote food diversity.
  • local producers: Local producers are farmers and other producers who live and work near the place where their products are sold. They can often provide better quality and transparency than large, distant producers.
  • sustainable: Sustainability refers to practices that conserve natural resources and are profitable in the long run. This can include the use of renewable energy, reduced waste production, biodiversity protection, and other measures.
  • farm products: Farm products refer to products produced by small, family-run farms. They can be more traditional than industrially produced goods and offer higher quality and authenticity.
  • Self-sufficiency: self-sufficiency is a way of life in which you produce what you consume. This can include growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden, raising animals, making food such as bread and jam, or even generating electricity through solar or wind power. Self-sufficiency can help people become less dependent on industry and have greater control over their own diet and lifestyle.
  • Health: healthy eating and lifestyles can help prevent disease and improve overall well-being. Regional, seasonal, and organic foods can be more nutrient dense and contain fewer harmful chemicals than industrially produced foods. Self-care can also help promote more physical activity and reduce stress.
  • Tradition: Tradition refers to the passing down of values, customs, and practices from generation to generation. In terms of agriculture and food, tradition can include valuing regional products, using time-honored recipes and methods, and preserving crops and livestock species. Tradition can help foster identity and community and increase awareness of the importance of food and agriculture.

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