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  • Online search: A quick online search on agroswiss for flower and plant dealers in Switzerland or in your region could provide some results. You can look for customer reviews and feedback to find out if these retailers offer reliable and quality products.
  • Business Directories: Business directories specializing in the agriculture or horticulture industry could help you find potential flower and plant dealers. Examples of such directories are agroswiss Swissguide, Agropool or Agrisano.
  • Fairs and Events: Visit fairs and events specializing in flowers and plants to connect with potential distributors and learn more about their products and services. Here's my tip: Every 2 years, the largest trade fair for the green sector in Switzerland takes place in Oeschberg (BE). Here is the link:
  • Recommendations from others: Ask your personal or professional network for recommendations for flower and plant retailers. Maybe your friends or colleagues know someone who has already worked with a reliable dealer.

I hope these tips will help you find potential flower and plant dealers that will meet your needs. Also gladly on agroswiss :)

Flowers and plants are an important part of nature and the environment. Flowers are often known for their beauty and are often used as gifts or for decoration. Plants, on the other hand, are important to ecosystems as they produce oxygen and provide food and habitat for animals.

There is a wide variety of flowers and plant species that grow in different climates and environments. Some are known for their medicinal properties while others are used for their culinary applications.

It is also possible to grow flowers and plants indoors to create a comfortable indoor climate and improve air quality. There are many different types of houseplants that have different needs, such as sunlight, watering, and fertilization.

It is important to protect and conserve flowers and plants as they are an important part of nature and play an important role in maintaining ecological balance.

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