Black Garlic 60g Origin Switzerland

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Swiss Black Garlic - The best comes from close by...

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By fermentation of conventional garlic, it turns black and is milder in flavor with a slightly sweet note.


Swiss Black Garlic - The best comes close by

Garlic is very healthy and is therefore also very versatile. The otherwise often objected to bad breath falls away with black garlic.It contains the same essential oils and it is said to have an antibiotic effect. The price is CHF 12.00 for a jar of 60g.




60g Black Garlic by Beat StumpGarlic Field in Thurgau - Farm Beat Stump

Swiss garlic from Thurgau

These nutrients are in garlic:

  • - 400 mg potassium
  • - 40 g calcium
  • - 25 mg magnesium
  • - 14 mg vitamin C
  • - 1.4 mg iron

Did you know?

Black garlic, also known as fermented garlic or aged garlic, is a special type of garlic that has undergone a prolonged fermentation process. During the fermentation process, fresh garlic is stored at controlled temperatures and humidity for several weeks or months. As a result, it develops a black color, a soft texture and a sweet, slightly smoky flavor.

The fermentation process in black garlic causes chemical changes in garlic, particularly a conversion of sugars and amino acids into melanoidins. These compounds give black garlic its dark color and unique flavor.

Black garlic is often considered a delicacy and is used in cooking for a variety of purposes. It can be eaten raw, but also has a milder and sweeter flavor compared to fresh garlic. Black garlic is often used in sauces, dressings, marinades, soups and other dishes. In addition, it is also believed to have health benefits as it contains antioxidant compounds.

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