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A piece of nature under your feet! Are your feet too cold in winter, too hot in summer or do they smell more or less? Then please read on.

DANGER; The cinnamon soles in sizes 42 & 43 are currently sold out and will only be available again from the end of February 2024. Thank you for your understanding.
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NatureWalk cinnamon soles

Zimtsohlen von NatureWalk jetzt auf agroswiss erhältlich

The ORIGINAL cinnamon insole

A piece of nature under your feet!
Are your feet too cold in winter, too hot in summer or do they smell more or less?

Now with even more comfort!
Thanks to a new manufacturing process, the cinnamon sole has become more ecological, lighter, thinner and slimmer without losing its effectiveness.


Tired, burning, cold or sweaty and smelly feet are now a thing of the past thanks to our cinnamon soles. Even those who are on their feet a lot because of their job or during sports will feel fit all day long with Naturwalk cinnamon soles and move forward light-footed. The antibacterial, antiviral and disinfecting effect of cinnamon puts an end to harmful microorganisms and ensures healthier skin on the feet. Calluses, cracks and fissures disappear and no longer appear. The cinnamon soles are made entirely by hand, filled with plenty of high-quality cinnamon and carefully stitched so that your feet can be carried gently on them through everyday life. They fit into any footwear and are available with a cotton upper.



Zimtsohlen von NatureWalk jetzt auf agroswiss erhältlich

1. Cooling in summer and warming in winter

The cinnamon insole can prevent burning and cold feet.

Kühlend im Sommer und Wärmend im Winter

2. Dry

The cinnamon soles reduce perspiration and neutralize unpleasant odours. Anyone who tends to sweaty feet can therefore particularly benefit from the cinnamon soles.


3. Pleasant

The Zim soles ensure a pleasant and balanced foot climate and thus a comfortable feeling in the shoe. Thanks to the improved circulation in your feet and legs, you can look forward to more relaxed feet and legs. Especially those who walk a lot in everyday life and don't have so many opportunities to change their shoes in between will appreciate the pleasant effect of our cinnamon insoles.

Die Zimsohlen sorgen für ein angenehmes und ausgeglichenes Fussklima

4. Fragrant

With our cinnamon soles, you no longer need to be afraid to take off your shoes - sweaty feet and unpleasant foot odor are a thing of the past. All that spreads in the room is a light and very pleasant smell of cinnamon.

Mit unseren Zimtsohlen brauchen Sie keine Angst mehr zu haben, die Schuhe auszuziehen

5. Antibacterial

The antibacterial, antiviral and disinfecting effect of cinnamon can help that bacteria, viruses and spores can hardly survive in shoes, socks or stockings. The result is a holistically healthier foot skin, healthier toenails and nail beds as well as a significant reduction in the risk of nail or athlete's foot formation.

Die antibakterielle, antivirale und desinfizierende Wirkung von Zimt kann helfen

6. Massaging

Cinnamon insoles are like little masseurs in everyday life. The various foot reflex zones are continuously and gently stimulated with every step, which can have a positive effect on your overall physical well-being.

966040165" alt="Cinnamon insoles are like little masseurs in everyday life." title="Cinnamon insoles are like little masseurs in everyday life.">

Attractive PRICES and best QUALITY guaranteed!

When buying cinnamon soles, look out for the ORIGINAL from Wynau, because the joy of a cheap price never lasts as long as the annoyance of cheap goods.

We strive to offer our customers attractive prices for our cinnamon soles and have the cinnamon soles produced for our own brand according to ecological, sustainable and fair values.

Structure of the cinnamon soles

cinnamon soles-structure.png?1641968678276


  • Material: cotton, cinnamon powder, pulp

A notice:

  • In rare cases, extreme loads can lead to discolouration of socks and stockings.
  • The cinnamon insoles lose their effectiveness after about 3 months and should be replaced regularly.
  • The product is not suitable for people who are allergic to cinnamon.

Care instructions:

  • Never wash the cinnamon insoles!
  • Only dry damp cinnamon insoles in the air and do not place them on radiators or similar!

Our type:

  • Since the cinnamon insoles adapt to the foot and the shoe, we recommend getting cinnamon insoles for every pair of shoes.

No more steam

Schluss mit Dampf in den Schuhen dank den Zimtsohlen

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