Swiss mushrooms are booming

12/16/2021 - (Source © - The demand for edible mushrooms has risen steadily over the past five years and is currently experiencing a real boom. However, imports have also increased.

In addition to button mushrooms, the Swiss range of mushrooms also includes noble mushrooms. According to the FOAG, the most important are shiitake, oyster mushrooms and king oyster mushrooms. The domestic supply of noble mushrooms is more seasonal than that of button mushrooms. (ji)

Especially since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a jump in retail sales of edible mushrooms, writes the market analysis department of the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) in the current market report . From January to October 2021, more mushrooms were sold in retail than in the whole of 2019. The domestic supply of edible mushrooms has also increased and diversified. The first Swiss organic mushrooms have been available in retail since the end of 2017, and the production of noble mushrooms has also grown significantly.

Mushroom production on the up

According to a market report, 6,859 tons of fresh mushrooms were produced in Switzerland by October 2021. For comparison: On average for the years 2017 to 2020, an average of 6,060 tons was produced in the period from January to October. The monthly production of 2021 - compared to the corresponding months of the four previous years - recorded a high almost every month, the report continues.

However, according to the report, Swiss mushroom producers are in constant competition with foreign competitors because the market for edible mushrooms is not protected by high tariffs. The import quantities of mushrooms increased significantly between 2017 and 2021: With an import quantity of 3,638 tons and thus plus 14 percent, the year 2018 recorded the largest increase in volume compared to the previous year. In 2021, 3,714 tons of mushrooms were imported from January to October, more than in the whole of 2018.

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