Water carafe and water filter from Wellsan

March 13, 2024

We bring prices down without compromising on quality!

Thanks to our loyal customers and the constantly growing demand, we can offer our Wellsan products "Filter Cartridge and Carafe" at greatly reduced prices to match various carafes and other competitors, because we have found a reliable supplier who supplies us directly as a Swiss dealer without detours and network marketing etc.. We deliberately avoid expensive self-promotion in the packaging and send all Pro Clima Neutral products by Swiss Post.

Quantity discount on filters: unit price is CHF 34.90

MengeStk. Preis
Sie sparen
ab 3 Stk.31,50 CHFBis zu 10,50 CHF
ab 6 Stk
29.65 CHFBis zu 31,50 CHF
ab 9 Stk.
27. 95 CHFBis zu 62,55 CHF

You can find the carafes and filters in the category: Water filters & carafes


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