You can find sharp and sleek pruning shears here on agroswiss.

For every cutting job you will find a special pruning shears here and depending on the intended use you can choose the right pruning shears according to your size, blades and handles.

Here I would like to recommend the ratchet scissors.

These are particularly suitable for working with very little effort. The ratchet scissors adapt to the cutting thickness thanks to the ratchet system. This saves you a lot of energy and is very much appreciated by young and old alike. These scissors are particularly popular with "weaker" gardeners, as even these and older gardeners can effortlessly cut branches up to 24 mm thick thanks to the ratchet mechanism .

The function is very simple: press, release, press, release, press and the branch is cut.

Possible areas of application for the secateurs are:

Garden, fruit trees, agriculture, forestry, professional area, hedges, perennials, shrubs, garden landscaping.

This is what the professional gardener looks for when buying a new pair of secateurs:

1. quality of the blade: the blade should be made of high quality stainless steel to ensure long life and precise cutting.
2. ergonomic design: the scissors should fit comfortably in the hand and have a non-slip handle design for optimal control and less hand fatigue during cutting.
3. cutting power: the scissors should have high cutting power to cut thicker branches and twigs.
4. size: the size of the scissors should match the size of the user's hand for optimal control and precision.
5. brand: you should choose a reputable brand to ensure that you get a quality product that meets the requirements of a professional gardener.

Some of the brands that are known for high quality garden shears are 3errre, Felco, Okatsune and ARS. You can search for these brands on Agroswiss and read customer ratings and reviews to find the best product for your needs.

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