Beginning in 2021, and have with joined forces to launch under the motto "together instead of alone" a common market project. focuses on different regions of Switzerland in order to offer farmers, farm shops, bakers, cheese makers, butchers, wine merchants and other local food companies fresh products from the region. Because wherever agriculture and manufacturing flourish, a region stays alive.

A website that sells products online. Allows users to place an order, choose a payment method and place the order over the Internet. After the user has selected the desired goods or services, he usually has the option of immediately selecting a payment and delivery method on the website.

The main difference between an internet business and a traditional business lies in the type of trading platform. While a conventional business requires a sales hall, shop windows, price tags as well as salespeople, cashiers and experienced consultants, the entire infrastructure is implemented programmatically in the online business.

What effect does my purchase from Agrowsiss have?

By buying directly from the farmer, you avoid middlemen and give the producers more power. Direct selling enables greater economic profitability, creates high quality jobs in unpopulated areas and fosters entrepreneurship among farmers.

How does my order get to me?

The orders travel from the farmer, from the importer who has known the producer for years, on the direct route to your apartment door. Our transport is designed in such a way that the CO2 footprint is reduced.

And how? We are reducing delivery days and combining orders and imports in order to send a maximum number of packages at once.

What are the advantages of buying directly from the farmer?

We want you to know the history of your food. The agroswiss direct sales model enables you to re-establish contact with the origin of your food and to find out more about the region and the company of origin. You can find out about the cultivation methods with which your food is produced in a sustainable way and have the certainty of receiving a fresh, high-quality product that does not go through cold stores through intermediaries, which can affect the taste of the food.


Jetzt Anbieter auf agroswiss werden

You will find us at the Poststrasse 2 in CH-4923 Wynau

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